Michael & Andrea
Senior Creative Team

A wicked Senior Creative team we have known for a while. Who have always wanted to move to Amsterdam to explore the culture and creative opportunity. They’re a team with big ideas. With non-traditional thinking. And a creative vision that agencies are hungry for. We got really excited to make that dream come true. So we did what we do best, listened and connect and soon saw they were a match made in heaven for Virtue Amsterdam. An agency who are known for their disruptive, culturally lead work and who needed a team to propel their creative craft and output forward.

Damola Oladapo
Senior Creative

Virtue are known for their disruptive, culturally lead work. They needed someone who didn’t just understand this world on the surface, but who lives amongst it. Someone who lives and breathes insight lead ideas, and is on point with their referencing. So this was not going to be someone from a traditional background, it was going to be someone from an unconventional background who had been hustling with the likes of NIKE on the side. Who now wanted to marry their side projects with their day to day role.