Dip & Drew
Creative Team

VCCP Blue are known for their humorous narratives and compelling storytelling. They are known for empowering their creatives to escape the constraints of traditional thinking, whilst supporting throughout. Leaving them with a passionate and pretty boundless department. All of that is only possible if you have inspiring leaders that love making as much as they like doing. Enter Dip and Drew, Associate Creative Directors. Two non-conventional Creative leaders. Two perfectly disruptive thinkers. Two clearly committed Fathers. But at the heart of it… Two people that love making stuff that people ACTUALLY talk to their friends about… I’m so happy these people found each other.

Richard Nott
Creative Director

VCCP are known for being incredible storytellers. But what we’re starting to really admire about VCCP is their appetite for less traditional creative. In people and ideas. Particularly ideas that don’t look, sound or smell like normal ads. And that’s why we got excited to introduce them to Richard Nott. Sure, he’s written some of the best ads of the last decade. But he is one of two guys behind the Kiyan Prince Foundation/EA Sports campaign. A brilliant idea that raised awareness around knife crime. For us, Richard sits in that strange place we call ‘traditionally trained, non traditionally minded’ category. He can make you think, cry, laugh or do. And it won’t be in a 90 second TVC. Or might it?Have fun in the playground of opportunity, Richard!

Sophie & Sophia
Creative Team

VCCP Blue had had a massive increase in workload across new accounts and organic growth of existing ones too. Every brand was on the rise, and every brand wanted the same thing. Witty, passionate, social first ideas. Soph and Soph were ready to hone their craft, and bring their previous experience in both digital and traditional shops to fruition. They wanted somewhere bigger, somewhere established and somewhere in making mode.