Aaron Taylor
Senior Creative

Amplify celebrate creativity. They are the place that see potential and allow creatives to become their true-creative-selves. Aaron wanted different. He’d been at creative agencies and brand side. Amplify let Aaron be Aaron.

Jordan Dale
Creative Director

Amplify needed a Creative Director to come in and, in true Amplify style, mix things up and make the work to get people talking. They needed a Creative Director who still loved the making, but also thrived at the leading too. We’d known Jordan a while, and that this summed him up perfectly.

Scarlett Montanaro
Creative Director

Amplify needed an fresh and new approach to creative excellence. The platforms in brand experience were changing, and they needed utility creative leaders that were ambitious, embedded in culture, and would fight for great work. Scarlett’s work lives and breathes culture and diversity, and after understanding the amplify mission – she was on board to make disruptive experiences.