just so
Mehek Azmathulla

JustSo needed multidisciplinary talent. Three dimensional creative thinkers who live and breathe connecting with audiences through culture driven storytelling. Enter Mehek. A storytelling creative with a background across editorial, content, social and film. Add her love for culture in there and we knew her and JustSo would be a match made in heaven.

Leo Birch
Content Lead

JustSo were ready to build a new content department and needed someone to help them spearhead this. It was a new role and they weren’t certain on how it would look or the type of person who would be best for the position. But, they did think that this person would understand: content, strategy and creative concepting. Leo has a mixed background across all three, as well as production – making it a match made in heaven. He’d been frustrated in previous agencies where his mixed skill set wasn’t celebrated as it rightfully should be.