Chasity (Nao) Johnson
Associate Strategy Director

Sometimes there are people who leave clients stunned. Chasity Johnson was one of them. A fierce, social-led, passionate and creative Associate Strategy Director. PLUS Emmy award winning! She came to us looking for a new creatively-led venture, at an agency who weren’t afraid to push boundaries and be a little punk. So, we introduced her to MØRNING. They had been looking for a progressive, alternative Strategist with an edge to their thinking. Chasity's strategic qualities and open mindedness matched the brief perfectly. She's someone who is tapped into culture and can effortlessly build innovative ideas for social and digital outputs. A match made in heaven.

Robert Waterman
Creative Strategist

Bobby – lives and breathes work at the intersection of data and storytelling, 10 years experience spanning mainly Social Strategy and Social media management, however has worked as an AR Producer - giving him a powerful, hybrid skillset and a unique approach to creative problem solving, he’s amazing.

Rhianna Cohen
Creative Strategist

Rhianna – super experienced creative and brand strategist who’s not only worked at a really senior level across creative and brand/design agencies actually setting up insights and strategy but has that real research heavy trend forecast experience, Rhianna fully sits on the culture side specifically fashion, worked across north face, dickie’s, Nike, Wall street music, loves working across youth culture.