Liam Thomas
Head of Design

Grey have had a bit of a fall from grace over the last few years, and their design team is not what it once was. Dave Wigglesworth, their new shiny ECD brought us in to diversify their design team in a unique way. Grey knew they could hire the same old HoD, someone who'd been there, done it and got the t shirt. But Dave knew this wouldn't shake things up. He'd worked with some of the best design leaders in the industry and saw how they operated and he wanted something different, but he didn't know where to look. They needed a true conceptual thinker, who's rubbed shoulder with creatives. But who's true passion with industry bending design. Someone who saw through the lens of a creative, but with the craft and finesse of a designer. And that's Liam Thomas. A true creative mind, who feels equally comfortable in design studios. Liam has got a story to write and a design team to inspire. Liam Thomas x Grey London 🔥🔥